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Cleaning laminate, tile, and carpeted floors is easy but when it comes to maintaining and cleaning wood, things become a little tedious. Who doesn’t wish these gorgeous hardwood floors would stay shiny forever and ever? Here are some of the best hardwood floor cleaning tips that you can follow to keep your floors looking like new.
Source: Pilot Management Services Ltd

Vacuum the hardwood floor daily.
The most crucial first stage of cleaning is to vacuum the floor every day, or just dust mop it when you are pressed with short of time.

Wax yearly; don’t mop everyday.
If your floors are waxed, you should never mop them. Wiping up spills right away is better than mopping everyday.

No Vinegar!
Using vinegar is an old technique. Recent studies show that diluted vinegar or ammonia should never be used to clean hardwood floors. The acid can etch the finish, making it look dull. Vinegar is acidic and slowly eats away at the poly coating, or wax coating.

Dust Smartly.
Frequent dusting with either a mop that has been treated with a dusting agent or disposable electrostatic cloths is highly recommended. This should be enough to keep things clean between semi-annual deep cleanings.

Use a Damp Mop not a Wet- Mop.
The correct way to deep clean your hardwood floors is using a slightly damp cloth, barely involves any water at all. The mop should not be wet to touch.

Cloth Diapers clean the best.
Cloth diapers work well for buffing, because they’re very soft and absorbent. Those having babies at home can get shiny wood floors anytime.

A soft microfiber dusting pad (preferably with fringe) should be used.
Using a soft microfiber dusting pad which runs along all the baseboards without lifting it is highly recommended. Run it up and down the room, like mowing the lawn, again not lifting the mop. Lifting the mop allows larger debris to get under the mop pad, which can scratch the floors. You want the larger debris to be trapped by the fringe and pushed ahead of you while dust and dirt is trapped by the microfiber pad.
End the hardwood floor cleaning spraying the floor lightly with water, or a cleaner specifically formulated for wood floors, followed by dry mop wiping.

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